Health and fitness

Mission tone up is in progress – a month early too!

After spending the weekend travelling and visiting my boyfriend’s family in Wales I’ve gotten ahead of the game and started my new fitness regime early – ahead of the “new year, new me” fad. 
Now, just to get things straight, I’m happy with my weight and size but really want to just get everything toned up. A task which, in itself, is easier said than done. Those of you who know me, will know how much of a foodie I am. I would do anything for a box of 6 McNuggets. However, I’ve just spent the weekend being force fed so much pie and cake – although it was very nice pie and cake I might add! – and I’m ready to get back into the gym and to give it my all for once. 

My boyfriend is a dedicated gym enthusiast and goes at least 4 days a week but would go everyday if I didn’t tell him he has to come home for once to spend time with the family. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing my successes and my failures and what does and doesn’t work for me in terms of workouts and healthy recipes. It won’t be easy as I’m usually working late and not exactly a gym enthusiast, but let’s hope it’s worth it. 

I’ve just purchased my first issue of Women’s Health and ditched Cosmopolitan magazine this month so that’s got to mean something right?! 

Wish me luck! I’ll see you on the other side which hopefully isn’t all just exhaustion and boring food. 

Night all!